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Non-Profit Services

Our Approach

The Evolve team provides services and offers strategies for non-profit organizations, that when implemented, maximize the organization’s ability to efficiently fulfill its vision. We work with your staff, board of directors and volunteers to ensure that all involved in your non-profit organization have a clear vision of the organization’s potential and understand the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Your organization is committed to making a difference by offering programs and resources that help your community be the very best it can be.  Evolve Advisors can provide your non-profit organization with successful strategies that will enable your organization to continue to flourish and make a difference each and every day.

Strategic Planning

The success of your organization (its ability to change lives and make a lasting impact in your community) will be determined by how successful it is in creating and implementing a strategic plan.  At Evolve Advisors, we believe there are three key elements to strategic planning that, when achieved, will position your organization for success.

    • Measurable outcomes
    • A timeline for implementation
    • Consensus and support from your non-profit’s key stakeholders

Marketing and Brand Development

Your organization does great work.  Who do you want to know about it? Evolve Advisors can assist your organization by designing and implementing a marketing and communications plan that reaches your audience consistently throughout the year. By celebrating your successes and thanking those that made it possible, you will strengthen your brand and more importantly stay connected to those that help make your success possible.  Evolve Advisors is ready to assist your organization in the following areas:

    • Communications plan timeline
    • Website evaluation and development
    • Donor and volunteer recognition program
    • E-Newsletter design and production
    • Annual report design and production

Philanthropy Program Assessment

Evolve Advisors understands the significant challenges that inhibit non-profit organizations from achieving their full potential. We understand that each non-profit organization is unique and we will work to help you design and implement a philanthropy program that is built around the unique strengths of your organization. Evolve is ready to provide guidance and assistance with the following components of a Philanthropy Program:

    • Annual giving campaigns
    • Major donor prospecting and cultivation
    • Foundation research
    • Grant writing
    • Planned giving
    • Endowment building
    • Capital campaigns
    • Selecting and managing a development program database

Board Development

Evolve Advisors understands the value and the challenges a Board of Directors can bring to your organization. Evolve Advisors will work with your staff and board in the following areas of board development:

    • Board expectations
    • Board governance
    • Prospecting and cultivating new board members

Program Assessment

Evolve Advisors will lead your organization through a program assessment that will provide you with a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your current programs as well as identifying the opportunities for growth.